Let's Follow the SHOOTING STAR to the Manger

mangers image1 The effort and determination of one woman along with the help of workers, friends, and family members of Castro’s Interiors have brought back the true meaning of Christmas. This is, and always will be, the main purpose for recreating the annual birthday of Baby Jesus of Nazareth. In this day and age many of our families have set aside the meaning of Christmas for material things. There are so many children of all ages that don't know whose Birthday we celebrate. 

Rarely, it is said that by celebrating this in a simple Manger, surrounded by Mary, Joseph, a stable full of animals, and three Wise Men, Our Savior was born.

Since the Mangers have been up, we have received many testimonials of miracles, change of lifestyle, and a lot of tears from the individuals that have walked down the path leading up to the magical Manger.

Therefore, let’s follow the Shooting Star. Let’s bring the children, our family, friends, neighbors, and everyone to thank for the arrival of the Son of God.

Let us remember the true meaning of Christmas and prepare our hearts as we view the Manger in which our Lord lives forever.

The effort to spread the word does not stop here; Please step inside and feel the REAL meaning of the Manger.

We have one location:

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stuart location

Castro’s Manger -- Stuart, Florida 34994

Please feel free to take a Postcard and share them with your loved ones.

Donations will be appreciated to maintain The Mangers and Postcards.

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